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How much does it cost to hire a generator in Hyderabad?


There can be many reasons why an individual decides to rent a generator and we have already discussed its advantages in one of our blogs already. One of those advantages is that renting a generator is more economical than buying a new one, but that does not mean that renting a generator does not have any excessive cost involved. In this blog we will discuss the costs that are usually involved when renting a generator so that clients can make better informed decisions.

When renting a generator the DG sets' prices can differ and are charged based on different aspects like time, capacity, type quality etc. Along with this the services provided by the company can also have some extra costs.

We shall discuss these factors in detail :-:

  • Duration - The time or the duration you want to rent your generator will affect the amount you will have to pay, usually generators can be given on hourly, monthly or even yearly basis and the price can differ according to that.
  • DG set type - There are multiple types of DG sets that are available in the market like stationary, trolley/portable and tower light generators and each of these types have different use and utility hence they also come in different prices when renting.
  • Capacity - As DG sets come in different types they also come in various power capacities, DG sets can have a power ranging from 10 KVA to 2250 KVA, when power requirement increases so does the price of that generator.
  • Service - When renting or even buying a generator, the company you buy it from likes to provide suitable service with it, it's not necessary that a company must provide service but it is also a good ethic to value your customers needs. Usually the transportation cost of delivering the generator to installation can require extra charges depending on the company‚Äôs policies.