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Frequently Asked Questions

The availability of DG sets are from as low as 10 KVA to as high as 2025 KVA.

All 4 that is- 1. Stationary DG, 2. Trolley mounted DG, 3. Mobile DG set van and 4. Lighting tower DG set.

A DG set can be hired for 1 day and can extend up to as long as you need it.

Site inspection is mandatory to suggest the rating of DG set according to your power load.

According to DG size 6” concrete Bed is mandatory and installation should be in an open area for proper ventilation to exhaust the smoke

Yes, we do provide the installation services upon charging the installation fees.

No, the DG set maintenance is on us, we will take care of it

Yes we provide all the installation equipment required on rent basis as well

No, the diesel has to be purchased by you as per your usage.

It depends on your requirement time, type of DG set required as well as the KVA requirement but we offer DG sets at extremely affordable prices