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#1 Generator Rental Provider in India

Gen Rentals - Provider of the Best DG Set on Hire basis. We are the head turner when it comes to providing a wide choice of efficient Generators for Rent. Great services come with great quality.

generator for rent in Hyderabad


Our DG sets prioritize environmental friendliness by emitting minimal pollutants, ensuring the delivery of clean and sustainable power.



Our generators Emit extremely low noise without implications. Hence easy on surroundings.



Our DG sets exhibit fuel efficiency, resulting in significant savings on diesel consumption. As a result, your wallet remains unaffected, allowing you to enjoy cost-effective operations.


Superb Generator sets for Rent, Only with Gen Rentals

March 2014 was the year that truly gave a whole new facet to the concept & acceptance of Generator rental in Hyderabad & Bangalore. There was no looking back when we began evolving & exploring uniformly, aiming to provide the best service & support in the field of DG set rentals. Overcoming the challenges, the strong motivation to enhance further & reach out to a wider audience helped us this far. Gen Rentals has a huge team of highly trained technicians & service staff who are always ready to reach out to customers & clients in times of need.

We have already spread our aura of professionalism to other cities such as Bangalore. A strong coverage in the states of Telangana along with other cities in the Andhra region plus powering further to Odisha & Chhattisgarh, to name a few. Expanding with efficiency becomes crucial & constantly updating with the latest industrial practices becomes even more necessary for us.

Quality generator rental services is our aim. It gives us joy when our clients & customers feel delighted with our services & standards. Gen Rentals ensures that values, ethics & innovation stay balanced throughout in our endeavor. Our Gen Rentals team would be happy to serve you.

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Proudly Showcasing our Superb range of Generators for Rent, Available in various power configurations, with pan India service.

Gen Rentals provides various types of rental Generators ranging between 5 KVA to 2250 KVA. Our machines are efficient & also meet the prescribed Environmental norms which makes a positive impact on the Environment. Fuel efficient, the Ashok Leyland Diesel generator sets are manufactured using the cutting edge technology that helps in providing such powerful machines to our customers on rental basis.

Stationary Type generator set

Stationary Type generator set

Stationary type DG sets are intended for long term usage & used in big commercial spaces

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Trolley Mounted Type

Trolley Mounted Type DG set

Trolley Mounted DG sets are portable & are usually rented for short term usage.

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Mobile Type Generator

Mobile Type Generator set

Standby power now within reach. Thanks to Mobile van type DG set for those extremely short term needs for the standby power.

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Tower Light Generator

Tower Light Generator set

This DG set just is a boon from Gen Rentals. The tower beam has lights mounted that meet your power needs accordingly.

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Defining The Concept of Superb Generator Rental In India

Gen Rentals stands out due to its dedication to excellence, reliability, skilled craftsmanship, and a team of welcoming professionals. Our inventory of diesel generators for rent is comprised solely of pristine, brand-new units. With an extensive selection of over 300 generators currently available, acquiring the perfect generator has never been more convenient, eliminating any unnecessary waiting periods.

Quality icon

Availability Guaranteed

We have a huge number of diesel generators as well as a backup to meet any demand at any time.

Affortable prices icon

Budget Friendly

We provide new rental generators with amazing quality and low prices.

Power icon

Clean Power Output

The rental generators are highly fuel efficient, sound proof and eco-friendly with the best quality available.

Generator Rental in Hyderabad, India
Quick Installation icon

Quick Installation

We have a special team of technicians who ensure that the DG sets are installed in a timely manner.

Team icon

Specialist Team

We provide corporate level and world class service support at all times, with quick responses.

Fuel icon

Easy On Fuel

The rental generators are eco-friendly and hence consume very less diesel which saves the high fuel costs.

Our loyal customers and clients have been with us for a significant period of time. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to providing exceptional service, a quality that the Gen Rentals team consistently delivers. The next time you are opting for a generator to rent, you know where to look for it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide the Best Generator rental in Hyderabad, Bangalore & all over India

Beginning from 5 KVA to 2250 KVA

Four variants, namely :Stationary type, Mobile type, Trolley type & Tower lighting type are available

It can vary from hourly basis to years

Site Inspection is mandatory to suggest the rating of the generator set according to your Power requirement

A proper uniform bed of 6” is recommended with a proper ventilated area



Kiara Agarwal
Event Planner

I have been an event planner for 4 years now and this was the first time I had such a smooth experience in hiring a Mobile DG set van. It was such a good experience as they provided quick and efficient service of delivering it and installing it, the DG set worked perfectly and gave us no trouble whatsoever.

Preeti Kaur
Event organizer

I usually do not take up events which are to be organized in the late evenings or at night but this time it was a friend’s cricket match so I could not say no, my biggest concern was the availability of a suitable DG set which is within the budget and alas! I found the perfect match here at Gen Rentals- The Lighting tower DG set, their service was world class.

Harshdeep Khurrana

I have a hard time to get all the required resources in a restricted time line and a restricted budget, thanks to Gen Rentals. The Generator set requirement was taken care of by them and I must say they did an amazing job with the installation and quick delivery as well as the options were great, I rented a Trolley Mounted DG set and was very satisfied.

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