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Gen Rentals features the Tower Light DG set for rent. This generator set is compact, cute & portable. Features just never stop. The DG set has a retractable tower which hosts the high intensity light. These machines are powerful, Trustworthy, low on noise, fuel efficient & take up very less space thus making their accommodation easier than ever. Available in different sub variants, these DG sets are an ideal choice.

When not in use, the tower can be placed back to its original dormant form.Another salient feature is that you can even take it to places by merely attaching it to your vehicle. The Tower Light Generator set is easy to operate & you do not have to worry about the maintenance part of it. The usage of this DG set can vary from a few hours to days as per the need of the client.

Tower light diesel generator rentals


  • For mini parties, events
  • For sports events as well
  • Night schools
  • Goes well for mini parties
  • Construction sites
  • Mining sites
  • Camping at night
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