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A day in a life of a DG set rentals sales staff

A day in a life of a DG set rentals sales staff

One fine day you feel that you need a good form of power backup on a short-term basis. You search for a company that provides diesel generators on rent, then call them and state your requirement. In a few days you receive the diesel generator, ready to use. Usually power outages are seen in summers, but it might also take place at any time due to various reasons. The advantageous remedy is diesel generator rentals. Wonderful savings on rentals and peace of mind is what you achieve ultimately.

As a customer, your objective is to have the DG set on rent to be delivered and commissioned in a timely fashion. Any product that a consumer opts to rent comes with certain set of conditions and guidelines, which they must adhere to as signed by them in the service clause.

While the sales and dispatch team takes a lot of effort and interest to dispatch the DG sent for rent, there is a small & interesting process that is hidden to a common man :

  • Customers contact the DG set rentals company in Hyderabad.
  • The sales team then performs an analysis about the standby power requirement, tenure and fees to be paid.
  • Once agreed by the customer, a special document ( payment order & work order ) is prepared and a copy is handed over to the customer. Relevant invoices are generated.
  • The customer receives notifications about the dispatch status of the diesel generator.
  • However, the customer is informed beforehand to make their own arrangements for a crane to unload the diesel generator.
  • The customer is expected to honour the rentals in a timely manner as stated in the documents. Sometimes due to unavoidable situations, customers are unable to pay the rent of the diesel generator and in such cases grace period is allotted, beyond which the customer is informed again about the dues.
  • Failure in compliance may result in legal action. Be it a car on rent, house on rent; it’s the duty of anyone who uses a service on rent to pay the fee on time. This not only adds trust value but also the rental company relies on the rent as they are also answerable to higher-ups.

For a win-win situation, it’s important that both DG set rental company and customers are benefited.

Budget-friendly diesel generator rentals in Hyderabad

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