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FAQ’s: Diesel Generator Rentals

FAQ’s: Diesel Generator Rentals

Equipment rentals or renting a diesel generator often leaves customers with some critical questions (oh yeah, they are natural). As the compounded annual growth rate of the DG set rental market shows a positive trend for India, there is a heavy demand for the generators for standby power.

While on one end the DG set rental market is soaring while on the other, customers are in a state of confusion and uncertainty. One primary reason for ambiguity with diesel generator rentals is lack of access to authentic information about ins and outs of equipment rentals

Whether it’s renting a car, a house or a generator, there are always some questions that would not allow you to sleep before they are answered.

Commonly asked questions pertaining to renting a diesel generator are :

Is it costly to rent a diesel generator ?

No, you can avail the best and budget friendly diesel generators for rent.

Will the diesel be provided by the generator rental company?

The diesel needs to be arranged by the customer.

What is the rental duration for the diesel generator?

The diesel generators can be rented on hourly basis or for a few months.

I want to rent a diesel generator for a few months but I think it will disturb neighbours?

The sound produced by ultra-modern diesel generators is barely audible.

I think that the diesel generator for rent are old?

Did you know that the diesel generators supplied for rent are clean and new, that ensure less maintenance and peace of mind.

Do I need to buy cables for installation?

No, the DG set rental company completely looks after the installation.

Do you provide unloading facilities for the diesel generator?

Customers have to arrange for a crane themselves.

So, where and how to get diesel generators for rent?

With rapid growth in real estate and industries in Hyderabad, budget friendly generator rentals have become more widespread due to their astonishing advantages and also various power output options. In Hyderabad, Gen Rentals has been providing the best diesel generators for rent. Popular because of their budget friendly and efficient technical support. To rent a diesel generator, please call on +919502246543 or visit

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